I use Google Reader as a way of managing the information from my PLN.  I find it an effective way of bringing the information to me and being able to manage the 'info-whelm'.  I also get things from Linkedin, message boards, email, Facebook, the whole gambet of places I subscribe to or visit.

Part of my new role with CORE in the Blended eLearning team involves sharing ideas, good practice and challenging ideas with our team, schools and school leaders.  So this will be one of the focuses for me this year … to have a post (or more) each week that focuses on the interesting and challenging things that have come on through from the various sources.

Lots of the good things I add to my Delicious account and the bookmarks for this are in the sidebar of this blog and you can subscribe to the rss feed if you want to see everything I bookmark.

So … to kick off a couple form the last wee while …

*an amazing infographic:

*a link to a great pdf file outling a schools social media guidelines from the same Edutopia article.

* great sorytelling website – http://storybird.com/.  We had fantastic examples of the work children had done on this site at a recent BeL team meeting.

* neat tip:  I use dropbox to sync/backup my entire documents folder and also have my autosave folder for Microsoft Office apps in the same folder.  Then it too is backed up and potentially accessable from anywhere and not on my own device.  An extra layer in the 'peace-of-mind'. 

Backups are ESSENTIAL.  All HDD's die – 10 minutes out of the box or 10 years later1




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