WOW … it is certainly a while since I have written anything on here.  Life has been busy and got away a bit.

Still lots of learning and thinking going on but a pretty big change of direction this year.  I have been at school since I was 5 … but no more.  Well not quite really.  I spent some time last week at Taieri Beach School working with their senior kids building their skills with their new website.  Similar idea to the one I built for Outram but being a smaller school it needed to be scaled back a bit.  They also have some iPads and it was great fun to explore the possibilities of this 'new' technology with them.

This week I have begun a contract at Natural History New Zealand.  The film company here who did the Wild South series, Wild Track (remember them?!)  and now do work all over the world.  They have over 200 000 hours of footage in their archives as well as an iOS gaming unit and the obvious movie making expertise.  A very cool place to be and the building has been custom refitted for them and is AMAZING.  They also know what bandwidth is here …. fastest I have ever seen, anywhere.  Geek heaven!

My role here involves scoping opportunities for the company in the education sector – given the companies skills, resources etc.  All very different from principalship but a blast so far!  I am working with the iOS team (who have developed the iOS games Howling Mouse and Puzzle Planets and the Facebook game Flutter).  So do you have a "wish there was an app to ….." list?  let me know (gregc5nz at gmail dot com) it may be possible 🙂

In a few weeks I will be back with CORE again with the Blended eLearning team.  Looking forward to that too!!  The ICT professional learning landscape has changed a bit in the last wee while so schools do need to make sure that you know what the possibilities are if you are looking for support and how to access it through your local MoE Office just like you now do for Literacy and Numeracy.

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