* University of Plymouth, UK
* it is NOT the social media that is inspiring – it is the teacher!

* there will be casualties when there is change. Teachers should be at the forefront of change, not simply reacting to it.
* Arthur C Clark – Any teacher who can be replaced by a computer …. should be”
* No evidence that Prensky’s Digital Natives is true – YAY! There are technophobes at primary school as well!!
* what kids crave and what they need are two different things at times.
* Digital literacy and wisdom
* engaging and fun – serious games, interactive narratives
* role plays and simulations
* personalized learning (just for me – apprenticeship model, just in case, just in time, just for me)
* you can become your own PLE
* Everyone has a voice …. even the shy ones
* digital wisdom and e-safety important!
* positive devience – The 15% of bees that are the innovators
* Lifelong learning against all the odds

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