Laurimar school – Melbourne.
Growing very fast and 300ish kids at the moment and soon to be 600+ and 900+ in near future.
Microsofts vision for 2019

Support site with lots of information HERE. This is well worth having a look through!

Gone for an ASI 10″ tablet netbook. Making it clear to community etc that the technology will change and will upgrade at some point. Very robust option chosen.
* Absolutely essential to get rock-solid wireless in place.
* Pedagogical support essential as well.
* relationship with providers – servicing, etc – essential as well!
* practical things like storage, invoicing families, etc all good to think through WELL.

100% uptake from families …. but took careful planning and ‘selling’ to staff and community.
$296pa per unit – includes insurance ($50 excess) and all other costs. 3yr warranty. Have to factor in Tec support as well.

* software licensing issues – school has licensing that individuals can’t access as cheaply.
* leasing v’s owning a the end of the lease period. Parents can purchase at end of period at market cost.

Edustar – free image (mac or PC) supplied by Victorian govt – LINK

Digital Portfolio integral part of programme.

iPad programme – going for iPads (probably) next time/ from now on.

Ongoing monitoring essential as well!

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