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“are we preparing kids for their future or our past?”
began with movie from this site – worth having a look
* learning how to learn is key!

* difference between real world contexts and the things they do at school.
* focusing on the difference between interest and relevance.
* ” the more you know, the more you know you don’t know”
* we need to CELEBRATE the learning journey with kids as well… and in meaningful ways that are genuine.

she is promoting a much more genuine and diverse approach to Inquiry. Still a definite structure. Heavy use of learning centres

* the so what emerges in the immersion stage …. it then drives the Unit.

* Lots of very specific tools/organisers. Important to track the tools the kids use – then enables them to evaluate them and also get confident and knowledgeable enough of them to use them independently in the future.

* USE of the new knowledge is the real demonstration of understanding.
* use a big range of tools for finding out information. Differentiation through the tools you use – need to encourage children to use a range of tools and some the are not the most ‘comfortable’ for them. Enables them to use different ‘intelligences’.
* has specific processes for different kinds of thinking children may need to be using – scientific, decision making, etc.
* need to come to the learning with a PLAN

* What is my learning job – right now!
* what thinking is required
* what tools do I need to do this (well)

we need to teach kids to THINK and LEARN.
Most useful change comes from looking at your weaknesses (opportunities)

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