Understanding the Digital Generation:
handout link – comprehensive handout
* Teachers have been at school since we are five. Suffer from “perpetual PP” – “paradigm paralysis”
* We have huge assumptions about how it needs to be – teaching, learning and assessment.
* Change is perpetual!!
* explosion of digital information – we now produce more information than we can store on all the HDD in earth. If printed would go to to Pluto 13 times.
* predicting that digital books will mean the end of libraries.
* iPad killing off netbooks. Heralding the change in the UI (touch driven – no mouse)
* talking about neuroplasticity
* “eyes of the digital presentation process information from image and photographs 60 000x faster than they do for text”
* talking about ‘Digital Natives’ ….argh!!!!! … this is the same sort of spiel Ian Jukes was saying in 2006 when I heard him. Prensky-esque stuff
* Highlighting the missmatch between preferences of ‘digital kids’ and the way most teachers work in their classroom.
* Much higher recall rate of image than oral/text.
* making the assumption that kids will be digital from birth …. hmmmm.
* digital and analogue skills BOTH important.
* digital generation have grown up with the media … come to expect it …. and to be social/collaborative.
* just in time v’s just in case teaching
* rapid change a norm. Friedmans flat world ….. needs different skill-set.
* much of the things he is describing are simply good pedagogy …. always has been. These are NOT things that are only digital … it just makes them more pronounced.
* outlining 5 different fluencies – see handout. Relate to Warlicks literacies, etc. Same stuff.
* showed the basketball counting video with gorilla – Daniel Simons research. Perceptual blindness.

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