I do quite a bit of reading.  My rss reader is one of the key places I find my professional challenges and ‘readings’.  It is the place where the next steps often galvanise themselves and the ideas get broken against reality (better there than in the staffrom!).  Interestingly there was a post from the same person as the list below highlighting how one of the identifying factors of successful CEO’s is the amount of (professional) reading they do …

I subscribe to quite a few different blogs – as you can see in the sidebar – and also a number of peoples Delicious links.  A link to this guy came in the list today and a search showed a pile of great posts.  Business model but often very applicable to education too:

a big list here but most posts are a relatively quick (initial) read.  Well worth the time if you are in any sort of leadership position – schooling or otherwise.  Thanks Rob for the initial link!

Links so I can find them again too 🙂

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