School is nuts at the moment.  Two weeks to go in the school year and bout 4 weeks work to do!  The GReader doesn’t slow down though and here are some posts that have caught my attention in the last week while:

Doug Johnson discussing the things we have to simply catch up with and come to terms with the fact they are simply part of our lives in schools now.  A really interesting list!

All things Workplace with posts on 360 degree feedback … and that …

Always remember that feedback is more indicative of the sender than the recipient. Feedback says, “Here’s what I think based on my expectations of you in these specific areas. The real payoff can come from discovering where you need to clarify or re-visit what’s really expected and honestly discussing what’s really possible. And, when people of goodwill have those kinds of discussions, it can lead to a quick boost in trust as well as new energy to move ahead.

and some tips for managers (note managers NOT leaders)

The MacHeads film to watch

Podgorannis list of iPhone Apps

Graham Wegner looking at a 1:1 programme in Melbourne.  Graham and I have had great discussions about IWB’s in the past and he is a good practical, classroom focused bloke.

Nic Rate on ePortflios here and here. Again I like Nics practical and informed appraoch.

an online Teleprompter

Stephen Downes post nominated for Edublogs Awards.  Long and I need to have the time to read it through properly.

I have quite a list of blogs I subscribe to.  I tend to take a couple of times during the day – generally early in the morning and then late evening – to scan through and open any posts of interest as a new tab in Firefox for later reading and tagging in Delicious if they have something I want to be able to refer back to.  The blogs I follow are in the sidebar on the right down the bottom.
The daily reading and thinking is an important part of my professional learning. I respond in comments occasionally and try to find blogs that are not necessarily education or leadership focused. I like things that challenge my thinking and people I don’t necessarily agree with – that’s the point!


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