I like this!

It applies to so many aspects of school, including as Doug intended my management.  Equally it could be teachers ICT use/ability; kids classroom engagement and effort; the list goes on.

The challenge in the management context is to avoid the ‘suck threshold’ as far as what people adopt as well as my own practice.

A lot of this is self-belief for all of us.  I don’t remember who said [to paraphrase]  “argue for your limits, and sure enough they’re yours” and ” whether you think you can’t or you can you will be right”.  A big part of the role of management is to support people past thinking they ‘suck’ with new stuff.

In the same way as it does in the classroom it means getting alongside people and engaging with them.  As has been said before the principal has the toughest class in the school …. the staffroom.

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  1. thanks greg loving this little gem, and although the language is not my cup of tea (yeah right) it gets its point across. bloody gr8

  2. Great use of the graph Greg. Like Doug says, it’s from a ( now ceased ) Kathy Sierra blog called Creating Passionate Users. The best blog I’ve ever read. Search for her learning theory explanation. Genius. The graphics just get better too. Real applicable stuff.

  3. greg.carroll says:

    Luke …glad you like it …lol
    Pete -- I was an avid follower of Cathys blog. Lessons there for all of us about the perils of the cyber world if you remember how it all came to an end. Only takes one nutter or set of circumstances for it all to come crashing down …. sort of like school leadership if you saw the item on the TV the other day about Trojans on a principals laptop, or what happened to a former colleague when she came to the defense of a teacher blogging in the comments on a well known right wing blog in NZ. pays to keep the nether regions well covered and we have obligations to do the same for school and the kids (and what we do with them online)
    James Gee’s book about what education can learn from gaming theroy is a difficult read but some good points too. I seem to remember Cathy’s background was in video game development?

  4. seem to remember Cathy’s background was in video game development?

  5. If the US market is any indication, this is a tool that will be used by Card companies to data mine us to death.

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