Some great things I have found in the last few days that are worth sharing:

Live Binders – allows you to bring a lot of different web-based resources together into a single site/url.  Sort of like embedding pages into a wiki but much slicker.  Lots of classroom applications.

SimplyBox is similar but different.  Puts clippings all on one page.  Again has real potential for sharing resources with children.

Howpack – a wonderful collection of incredible nets.  Great maths extension activity potential.  Printable.

Rhyme Dictionary – neat we tool where you put in a word and it gives you rhymes sorted by number of syllables

Subject specific blog list – check out this rapidly expanding list of subject specific blogs.  Well worth a browse.

Using CoolIris as a presentation tool – great tutorial about how to use CoolIris as a neat presentation tool.

ad lastly with mildly tongue in cheek:

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  1. Good list Greg, thanks!

  2. This shows real epxteirse. Thanks for the answer.

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