Watch this from just after 8minutes to the end. Bill does a great job of:
* focusing on what the teacher DOES …. a technical activity that can be duplicated and replicated. Can we really franchise good teaching? I don’t believe so. Teaching is much more complex than simply a set of replicable behaviours. If we do what the good teacher does then our teaching must be good! …. ?? REALLY??
* ignoring the value of the affective and the CRAFT of teaching…. nothing about relationship forming and trust, all the other things we can’t put a number on.
* focusing on test scores as the sole indicator of teaching quality.

John Hattie is right (yes I did say that – lol) when he focuses on the importance of relationships. Teaching is NOT building fridges. Simply copying the behaviours of the teachers with the best test scores is not the way to improve the quality of the profession.

This sort of industrial, cookie-cutter model of our profession demeans it. This is the logic that drives performance pay and national testing.

Update: – Wes Fryer agrees

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