What I am now trying to do is find a way of convincing Excel or some other software (preferably that we can then integrate into our SMS system) to produce a scatterplot of results based on two data points that are then connected by a line. (One that is not massively cumbersome like the only solution I know of so far in Excel)
This will give us:
* Individual achievement – showing where each child is at the latest testing/assessment point
* Trajectory of learning – from the line collecting the last assessment point to the current one.
* Picture of overall achievement of the whole group – by looking at the collective/aggregated results for our whole school or a particular cohort for example
* Data on outliers that can be followed up on – in terms of their trajectory of learning and/or level of achievement.
* Comparing our ‘best fit’ line to ours or national expectations.
I would envisage simply colour coding for variables like year group/gender/ethnicity rather than for individual children. We will also have a shaded wedge that is our band of ‘expectation’ through the middle at about 45degrees. So we would have for eg reading age on the vertical axis and chronological age on the horizontal like in this simple example below.

My frustration is finding a simple way of doing this electronically rather than with pen and paper which is our current solution.

This is way beyond my Excel ability.

Can anyone help?? PLEASE??

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  1. Joss Debreceny says:

    Greg, I’ve passed this onto our research team. You might like this site as well if you haven’t seen it -- http://flowingdata.com/.

  2. Do you just want to know how to do this in Excel or are you wanting a better way to visualise the data?

  3. greg.carroll says:

    Many thanks! The site is good too isn’t it …. what part of the MoE are you in? Should I be worried? …. LOL

    I am after any solution that serves the purpose. I am certainly not tied to Excel!
    It is great when you get the whole school on one graph as it gives you a good feel for the collective as well as individuals standing out.
    cheers, Greg

  4. Joss Debreceny says:

    I’m in the Communications team -- so no need to worry!! I’m following a number of education blogs for my own learning and to spot opportunities where we can help.

  5. Graeme Cosslett says:

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve had a little bit of a play in excel and I think most of what you are aiming for is possible. The use of pivot charts in excel would enable you to filter the various year groups, gender, ethnicity etc..

    Are you happy to either upload or email me a bit of sample data that you are working with? I can’t quite read the paper image, maybe strip the names out for privacy purposes. Would be keen to have a bit more of a go on this one, it looks like a great idea.


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