I really like this blog from Kathy Sierra called Creating Passionate Users. She has a lot of stuff about marketing and sales but the general concepts are OFTEN very relevant to us in schooling/education.

This post from today is about how often conference t-shirts are not made for the female form. The idea being – find out about what people REALLY want and need …. and meet these needs and wants.

What a concept for schools …. what do our children ( and their parents) REALLY want and NEED from us. I get the impression some in education ‘do it to’ the kids and parents. All with the best of intentions and well meaning, but how often do we ask the necessary questions to find out what our communities, parents, children etc really think are important?
It is all about engagement again … lets GENUINELY ask the questions, and because we are interested in the answers, not because we feel we have to.
Your thoughts?

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