Developing differentiated instruction strategies takes significant time and effort, but the payoff can be huge, particularly for students with special needs, says Carol Ann Tomlinson of the University of Virginia. According to Tomlinson, teacher leaders should focus on helping educators focus hard on four basic fundamentals to achieve success in their classrooms:
*View students as individuals.
*Be clear about what students should know.
*Master instructional practices that “invite student-centeredness and flexibility.”
*Develop classroom management skills that facilitate flexible teaching.


So …
Engagement and knowing the strengths of your class as individuals
Clear learning intentions (and I would add SHARED!)
Effective and skilled pedagogy (‘knowing your stuff’ as a teacher)
Effective classroom management

… no great surprises really …

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  1. This one is very cool. Nice and easy to use and way cheaper than some!!!

  2. debono said simplify
    Good advise i think.

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