Kath Murdoch, whose Inquiry Model has been adopted, adapted and modified by many schools and ICT PD Clusters as part of their programme/s has been interviewed by the Curriculum Corporation in Australia. This short and simple article gives a good summary of what she considers are the key components of a good Inquiry Unit.
* Focus on big ideas
* Shared purpose and engagement
* gathering information from direct experience …
* learning is purposeful
* etc
A number of reflective questions are posed that are good prompts to think about when planning a quality Inquiry (or I would argue ANY) unit.

Follow this link to a good summary of the Inquiry Approach that includes examples of units, planning, planning formats, ideas, etc. This site is well worth a look and keeping for future reference. The Tasmanian education reforms are following along very similar lines to those in NZ. This site is from the Tasmanian equivalent of our MoE and has good summaries of a lot of things that are useful to inform our developments as well.

Here is a good summary of a Kath Murdoch seminar http://gwegner.edublogs.org/2007/09/05/kath-murdoch-seminar/

Discussion by Kath and others about Inquiry and modeling of ideas with real live kids here. You will have to sign up to NING if you are not a member. This whole group has lots of resources and is worth a browse around!

also check out my delicious site for an up-to-date list of all the things I have found.

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  2. Pirihira says:

    like clairbee can you email the links as they are not connecting of this page.

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  4. greg.carroll says:

    I have rewritten this post as all of the links in the earlier version were broken. The Tasmania govt sponsored site has been taken down, as has stuff on the NZPF website.
    I have replaced with newer and different resources from my Delicious.com site -- http://delicious.com/gregc5/inquiry_learning

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