Meet the Early Years team

Top: (left to right) Jocelyn Wright, Helen Duncan, Sharon Carlson
Bottom: Elaine Newton, Keryn Davis, Tania Coutts, Ann Hatherly, Ruta McKenzie, Justine Mason, Tracey Nelson, Tara Fagan, Naketa Ikihele

Who are CORE Early Years?
The current team evolved from the merging of the facilitator team who worked for CORE Education on the three-year ECE ICT PL pilot programme, with facilitators from the University of Canterbury Education Plus team. The marriage of these two highly experienced groups took place in January 2010. The new CORE Early Years team has 12 facilitators working across the country.

Our vast range of experience encompasses work on the Kei Tua o te Pae project, TLRI research, experience working in cross-cultural and cross-sector settings, infant and toddler specialists, involvement in pre and post-service teacher training, publishing, mentoring new teachers, assisting centres with governance and management and planning, designing and delivering tailored professional learning packages.

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