An Agenda for Amazing Children – Consultation Process


A few weeks ago, the ECE Taskforce released their final report – An Agenda for Amazing Children.  This report confirms that there are sound reasons for leadership in funding ECE  noting that "investing in early childhood education can be thought of as one of the most effective uses of taxpayer funds" (p. 28).  

One of the most important findings from the report, and it is not a new finding, is the issue of quality – high quality early childhood education services provide the best outcomes for children.  The report recommends ways in which quality in early childhood can be lifted so there is less variance across services.

The Government has now opened an eight-week consultation process.  We have until the 8 August 2011 to submit our views on Taskforce report so that these can be considered along with the recommedations of the report.  Find out more about how you can submit your thoughts on the report to the Ministry of Education.  

It is important to have our say – it may make a difference to the future of early childhood education, and more importantly, to the children of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Posted by:  Tara