Do you have a PLN?

A few years ago TwitterGoogle Reader and online communities were concepts I hadn’t paid much attention to.  Now they are an essential part of my world.  What’s changed? Why have they become so valuable?

These applications connect me to learning; they form part of my PLN (personal learning network).  This network is a collection of individuals’ ideas, links and knowledge that they share freely.  It is personal – I tailor it, selecting who and what topics I will follow.  It connects me to experts in the field – both known and unknown – all with amazing abilities to share.  From these people I learn more about teaching and education, about reflection, about the latest applications and other topics that I am interested in.  My PLN challenges me to think and consider aspects that I may never have otherwise.  It gives me opportunity to contribute and exchange ideas through my blog, twitter account and online communities.  It’s exciting to have such access to a range of rich content.

If you haven’t tried it out and want to give it a go, start out by subscribing to a blog of someone who inspires you or follow them on twitter.   Add people as you ‘find’ them and before you know it, you will have a PLN that supports you.  ECE Online is a good place to start online networking!

My challenge to you is to explore and see what PLN you might build.  If you already have a PLN, please post a comment and share some of your favourites with us.

Posted by Tara

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2 thoughts on “Do you have a PLN?

  1. Margaret

    Hi Tara
    I have had a PLN for some time now and use Twitter and Google reader mainly as well. I find them to be very useful tools for Professional Development and following the paths from blog or reading to another through the people I follow can lead me on some very interesting learning. A lot of the people I follow are not in the ECE sector, however I believe that educational ideas and studies are not sector exclusive and this exposes me to some very interesting ideas and thoughts. I find too that I may follow someone for a while and then move on to others.
    I cannot recommend having a PLN highly enough as an additional PD resource!

  2. Ann Hatherly

    Yes I agree with Margaret that one of the big benefits of having a PLN is that it helps to break down the sectorisation of Education – and the ‘we are better than them’ mentality. There are some outstanding things (read innovative and creative) happening in the compulsory school sector which we can draw on to expand our knowledge and practices. Ann

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