Connecting with Communities: Geraldine Kindergarten Magazine

One of the comments that we hear frequently in our work with EC centres, is that the community doesn’t understand or value the work we do. To overcome this, Geraldine Kindergarten has begun producing a magazine which is available to their whole community.

The vision for the magazine is to build and strengthen the relationship with families and the community. “We want to communicate what we do here, how we do it and why we do it the way we do, in a really professional way.” said Tania Boland (Head teacher at Geraldine Kindergarten).

The hope is, that by making the kindergarten more visible through informing the community about the teaching and learning at the centre and other current ECE trends and issues, community interest and involvement in the kindergarten will be strengthened.

The magazine has been made available to every family, and to increase community access, it has also been placed in doctor’s surgeries, local cafes, schools, the Information Centre and Real Estate agencies. Feedback has been very positive:
“ Awesome, eye catching and informative”, “What a great way to communicate”
Keep an eye on Geraldine Kindergarten’s Blog for this term’s magazine

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3 thoughts on “Connecting with Communities: Geraldine Kindergarten Magazine

  1. Tara

    Thanks for sharing this link with us Tracey. What an great way for Geraldine Kindergarten to share information with its families and community.

  2. Tania Boland

    We have had incredible feedback from our parents who look forward to our magazine each term and as teachers are also recognised in cafes often in the community, whose staff and patrons share encouraging comments and feedback about our magazine. It has been a really worthwhile use of money to have a design editors expertise to format the magazine. Another advantage of the magazine has been the engagement of teachers in reflective practise through writing and critiquing articles. Also Tracey one of the key motivators for publishing a magazine was supporting us to manage our workload more effectively.

  3. Louise

    We are continuing to review the ways to collaborate in the 21st century and I have just read in the gazette an article of emergency drills and reflected on the fact that once you lose power what options do you have available.
    A plug in phone is one option that we have. But thinking flexibly I was wondering if test messaging would be an option.
    Is there anyone out there using this or similar system?

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