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  1. Dear all

    I am lecturing at the Mwenge University in Moshi, Tanzania and we are still working on the Mac OS 9.2 Version (2001). Can you please help with an exelearning ready-to-run version (or equivalent…). Thank you very much. Looking forward to getting in touch with you


  2. Doug Belshaw says:

    Hi Derek,

    Just to let you know that it’s currently impossible to subscribe via email to your blog – the service you used no longer exists!


  3. derek.wenmoth says:

    Thanks for this Doug – had totally passed me by. I’ve updated things now with Feedburner, and also added the twitter and facebook icons. Appreciate you pointing this out.

  4. Peter says:

    Hi Please take a look at and I am an aussie teacher, but they would be relevant to NZ teachers

  5. Jon Kolker says:

    Dear Derek,

    Hope all is well.

    I wanted to let you know about a new feature of – explore
    education! We have recently launched a new set of lesson plans written
    for the K-12 classroom. They fulfill grade level national standards,
    and the plans accompany explore’s films. The films document people who
    have made a difference around the world, and you can watch them here:

    We’d love it if you could share the plans with your readers and fellow
    educators. And, please share the link with us if you do!
    Thanks very much, and feel free to shoot me an email with any questions.


    Jon Kolker

  6. Dear Derek,
    I read your blog, which I think is extremely interesting, and thought you might want to know about SortFix. Is there any private way of contacting you?


    Best regards,

  7. Deanne Thomas says:

    Hei Derek
    Daph has just pointed me to your blog to read about the VC on Climate change for indigenous peopl. That is so cool, and something I would love to catch up with yu about sometime. I am involved with a group called Snowchange (Finalnd/Siberia/Russia – the northeners) and have been attempting to get students from around the world talking to each other too. Slow progress from my end, well done you!

  8. Chrissy says:

    Hi Derek,

    I just wanted to let you know that we (National Education Foundation/CyberLearning) added you to the blogroll at our blog (see website link). It deals with education and technology as well, so please feel free to take a look whenever you get a chance. Links back are always appreciated, but not necessary. Thanks for your time!

  9. Meghan says:

    Hi Derek,
    I am currently doing my Honours year in the B Ed programme and am doing a couple of papers on e-learning and how to use computers more effectively in the classroom. Could you steer me towards any material that discusses exemplary teachers in this area?
    I enjoyed reading your articles and the Education Eye is really cool!

  10. Dear Derek:

    I enjoy reading your blog, and was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange. My book blog’s url is Every week, I make a nonfiction book recommendation in the topic areas of education, history, technology, biography and/or humor. I have already put up your link. Please reply if you would like to do a link exchange. Thank you.


    Sally Friedman

  11. Hi Derek,

    As I’m sure you’re aware, many experts believe the education system in the U.S. needs significant restructuring. WPSU-TV recently interviewed Sir Ken Robinson on a series called “Conversations From Penn State” where he discussed the problems facing the education system and suggests ways to improve it by promoting creativity. After reading through your blog, I think you and your readers may be interested in the interview. It can be found at Please let me know if you have any question or if you decide to post the video. Thanks!

  12. Mary-Anne Murphy says:

    Hi Derek,

    I am currently working as an Assessment Adviser for School Support Services in the greater Waikato area, and have previously worked within ICT Professional Learning. I am unable to attend the breakfast meeting on 23 July, but am very interested to hear about your thoughts around assessment within an e-learning context. Do you have any research papers, blogs or wikis, etc that might give me an idea of your thinking around this?

    Kind regards,
    Mary-Anne Murphy

  13. Dear Derek:

    I am pleased to announce that my book: “The Education and Deconstruction of Mr. Bloomberg, How the Mayor’s Education and Real Estate Development Policies Affected New Yorkers 2002-2009 Inclusive” is available at both and, on the Kindle, on other e-books and in book form.

    Here is a link to Amazon:

    Please visit my book blog at (See “Bonus Post”) and to read excerpts. Thank you.


    Sally A. Friedman

  14. Elaine Mayo says:

    Kia ora koe, Derek – I just found your blog – thank you, I am looking forward to exploring it. Impressed by both the layout and the content. Would like to copy it – where do I start in order to develop a layout that provides pull down menus? Best to you. Elaine.

  15. Katie Shoreland says:

    Hi Derek,

    We just announced the 4th Blogging Scholarship, and thought you might
    be interested in it, as it offers student bloggers a chance to be
    awarded a $10,000 scholarship.

    We’ve been awarding student blogging scholarships since 2006 and I am
    hoping your readers will take advantage of the opportunity.

    The application and additional information are located here:
    The application due date is October 21. The winner will be announced
    on November 2nd.

    If you feel your readers will find this beneficial, please feel free
    to share our scholarship on your blog.  And here is the logo if you
    would like to use it :)

    Have a great day!

  16. Derek Luebbe says:

    Dear Derek, (compliments on a good name !)

    My name is Derek Luebbe and I am a HS Principal and technology blogger. First of all thanks for this blog. I’m glad I stumbled on it.
    I really enjoyed the point about tension between centralized and self-management systems, with the important note that innovation tends to happen at the fringes. If we can work toward that one, we’d be developing a system that could lead us toward many positive initiatives.

    I have 2 reasons for writing (requests).

    1) I’m hoping to enlist your help in finding gaming technology that meets some criteria laid out in my blog –

    Essentially, I’m trying to find technologies that combine content along with an authentic purpose requiring collaboration/competition. I use the old Oregon Trail as a rough example. If you know of other examples, can you point me to a few resources that you feel might fit?

    2) Along with a few other teachers, we’ve created a new classroom simulation that is quite innovative. It’s called simCEO (at and described below). I want to share it with teachers for free. I think / hope you’ll find it quite flexible, authentic, engaging, cross-disciplinary, fun, etc. … It’s been getting some really good teacher-reviews including a blog from Edutopia which called it “an open platform for teacher innovation”.

    Anyways, what I’m hoping is that you might feature it on your blog as a resource that teachers could play for free. I would give you a promotional code which will hopefully generate leads to your site as well as teachers share the blog link.

    I’ve included a short description below, but if you’d like to write something about it, I’d be happy to call you to discuss it so that you understand the simulation fully.

    Best regards, and keep up the good blogging.

    == simCEO Description ====

    Welcome to simCEO –

    SimCEO is the only dynamic simulation played entirely online in which a group of students:

    1. CREATE their own companies
    2. RESEARCH each others’ companies online
    3. TRADE: Manage a portfolio by buying and selling shares in each others’ companies which immediately influences share prices.

    All of this takes place in a customized environment (place, time, duration of simulation, complexity) that is set by the teacher who can also integrate content by sharing dynamic news (real of fictional) with users, encouraging users to make adjustments along the way.
    Participants “win” in one of two ways:

    1. To be a successful entrepreneur by creating a business that ends with the highest share price
    2. To be a savvy investor by ending with the largest portfolio value

  17. Anne Hilton says:

    If you want a bit of light comic relief watch “My blackberry’s not working” on you tube. Ronnie Corbett. If you haven’t already watched it.

  18. Grey Tuck says:

    Hi Derek,
    With reference to digital learning, google “keeping Pace with K-12 online learning”. 2010 publication. Reinforces your comments on digital learning. Also recommend “The rise of K-12 blended learning” by Clayton Christensen.


  19. Glenn Searle says:

    Hey Derek – I have been thinking about you recently & even tried to txt an old mobile number I had. Good to see you are still in the education space. I still have fond memories of my visit to Wellington – how is your family? I am still in education (TAFE currently) as well as expanding my horizons. It would be great to catch up again.
    Glenn Searle
    From Oz–Os

  20. Hi Derek,
    As school gets back in session this year,  I'm writing to tell you about Prezi–  the cloud-based presentation software and educational tool.

    Prezi is changing how teachers and students visualize and present their ideas with its “zooming user interface” (ZUI). 
    • Rob Newberry, Director of Education Technology at Singapore’s Chatsworth International, sees Prezi as a medium to bridge creative exploration and instructional learning.
    • Philadelphia middle school History teacher, Will Gibbs created this award-winning Prezi to explore learning in the 21st century.
    • Univeristy of Freiburg physics professor Daniel Gallichan ‘edutains’ his science slam audience with his prezi on MRI technology.
    • Kelly Zicha put together this fun prezi on Prezi with the help of her 6th-grade class.
    • Learning Futurist Dr. Maria Andersen introduces “freerange learning” at ACU’s Connected Summit.
    • Athen’s (Greece) high school junior Alex Stelea examines how technology can be used to shape the future of education at TEDxYouth day 2010.
    Contest Launch: Zoom Back to School
    Today Prezi is launching the Zoom Back to School Contest.  Entering is easy: Students/Teachers create a Prezi about how they are "Zooming Back to School" this year, and can win a new iPad (pre-loaded with the Prezi viewer iPad app), and  free Prezi pro-licenses. 

    Want a free license so you can try out Prezi for yourself, or some more information?  Let me know at

    Thanks Derek-   I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  21. PAuline Donaldson says:

    Teaching teachers to learn online could be a key
    Hello Derek,
    As I read your Blog this morning I thought about LEARNZ and its virtual fieldtrips in Antarctica in the late 1990's. For many teachers this was this first foray into online learning environments – how far it has come.
    I have just completed co-mentoring 2 six week online workshops (asynchronous)  for the Interninal Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme  IB Online  1 workshop had 34 teachers from 20 countries and one had 34 teachers from 15 countries. This offers the teachers international perspectives on learning and reflective practice.
    In many ways we need to giveNZ  teachers the opportunity to learn online tso they can better understand their students . Having done my Posr Grad studies from university of Otago online it certainly does work! .
    Best wishes for a happy restful holiday

  22. thanks for your comment Pauline – the IB Online course certainly sounds interesting. I couldn’t agree more that our teachers in schools today need to develop skills in the area of inter-cultural collaboration and reflective practice – and what better way of doing this than within the viritual environments we have access to today?

  23. Katie says:

    I'm writing to invite you to an online event celebrating the launch of Mozilla's new book, Learning, Freedom & the Web. Authored by Anya Kamenetz and the participants of the 2010 Mozilla Festival, LFW looks at how the ideas of the open source movement can help to foster learning, and asks how openness can support the spread of knowledge. We would love you to join us for the launch, and to share both the book and the event with your readers and followers.
    If you haven't yet seen the book, we hope you'll visit, where you can order a print copy, or download the free ebook (built by students here at Emily Carr) or the PDF. 
    On January 25th, we're hosting a 3 hour event that will give you a chance to talk about the themes of the book with the author and innovators who are profiled in LFW. We hope you'll join us for one or more of the 1-hour chats that day: you can see the schedule, and more details of the event, at
    Your thoughts and questions will drive this conversation, so we want to hear from you! Tweet your questions or comments about the book with the hashtag #mozlearning, or write a blog post and tag it mozlearning. The most interesting tweets, posts and comments will receive a free printed copy of Learning, Freedom and the Web. Part exhibition catalog, part manifesto, the book is a concise, fun-to-read introduction to the future of learning on- and offline. If you'd like to run  a version of this contest on your blog specifically, we are happy to provide a copy of the book to your winning reader.
    We hope you'll join us for an exciting conversation on January 25 at (For "room", choose "Mozilla Web Maker", and for a "password", enter "crossfade". Enter whatever username you like.)
    Check back at for updates on our line-up and schedule, and please let us know if we can provide any more details for you and your readers.
    Thanks so much,
    Katie Johnston
    LFW project team
    Social + Interactive Media Centre at Emily Carr 

  24. Jason Ruakere says:

    Hi Derek,
    I'm working as a mentor in my school for Maori students and am exploring technology as a means to support them. I have created Moodle courses fo rmentoring and to support students learning te reo Maori. I am also interested in using Facebook to provide additional support and have created a group for students to use. In 2013, I'm embarking on a project to explore how Moodle, Facebook combined with face-to-face interactions can enhance educational outcomes for Maori boys and strengthen the relationship between students, teachers and parents. I am willing to trial various approaches through blended learning online and 

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