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  1. Rosalie Reiri says:

    Kia ora Duncan and thank you for your research on eSports. You have definitely opened my eyes to another realm of playing sports, I am so intrigued! Wish you had a little snippet of the game so we can see how it looks. Ka pai koutou and wishing your team all the best for a great year of online sports. Kia pai mai hoki!

  2. Sarah Te One says:

    Congratulations Duncan, Good to read this Blog about something so current in education. Thank you.

  3.' Simone says:

    Kia ora Duncan,
    Your comment ‘It was completely voluntary and attracted a diverse group of students and transcended conventional boundaries of year groups; it also attracted students from outside our school community’ resonated with me. I have recently started esports at my school and was surprised and pleased to find a group of yr 9s-13s working so well together. I see a more equal relationship (ako!) than you perhaps would in a football team where size often determines seniority. Its also widened our school community to include those in the ITS industry who now connect with our ākonga in a different way.
    My current challenge is promoting the success and trying not to get the ‘but its not really a sport’ in response.
    Thanks Duncan and good luck to your teams!

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