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  1. Great advice, Chrissie and Linda. The table of inclusive design considerations will be a really useful tool for CORE’s LX team as a UDL quality checklist, either proactively in the design stage, or retrospectively in the review stage. Thank you! Awesome!

  2. Thanks once again for giving a great outline of what teaching and learning will be in the near future.
    You illustrate and focus on key aspects of our new thought patterns and environments that are being experienced, experimented and developed in a changing world.
    One aspect of covid 19 is that it has brought the world together in designing a new future. Let’s treasure this experience as a window to a potentially better life for all.

  3.' Brenda says:

    Fabulous reminders as we return to school today. Ladies you are inspirational. Thank you.???

  4.' Karen Beach says:

    Wow! This post was really helpful at making you evaluate your online learning through a UDL lens. It would be really powerful to have one or two good examples of UDL online learning activities to help secure learning from this post. Many teachers (including myself) find it time consuming to select simple and effective programmes and tools to use when designing inclusive online learning.
    Many thanks for this informative post. I have signed up for future emails, Karen

  5.' Ann Smith says:

    Thanks so much Chrissy. I have linked this blog in our weekly “UDL while in lock-down” encouragement that i have been sending out to fellow RTLB from cluster 26.
    I really enjoyed the new drawings and especially the Support for Learning phrase as opposed to learning support.

  6.' Vicki Hagenaars says:

    Thanks so much for this!! I had both of your voices ringing in my ears as I not only set up my own online space but supported the staff in designing theirs.

    There were some pieces I got right straight off for my own students but had to analyse other things for the barriers I had unintentionally put in place.

    We are looking at keeping components of this alive in our school for learners who need something different to what a traditional classroom experience can offer them. I will certainly use your ideas and may well be in touch to deepen my understanding further.

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