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  1. Thanks sooo much for this article. It clearly explains the boundaries between school and home and illustrates the difficulties of this lockdown in education giving a supportive guide to navigating these uncertain waters.
    Well done wonderfully written and researched.

  2.' brenda says:

    Thanks for writing this. I am sharing this article with my whanau and school community. It backs up my messages that I have been sending.

  3.' Kim Lack says:

    Thank you for this reassuring article. As an ECE teacher and the teacher of my son 2-3yrs too, i had no illusions to it being a 100x harder to teach your own children! I mentioned this to the now 15 yr old and he dryly replies ‘ never mind yourself go easy on your bloody kid!’ ( as i’m trying to pry his whole being from his phone to go and get organized for his home schooling morning)
    If we’re having a hard time chances are they’re not having a great time either.
    Nothing like a 2 yr old or teenager to keep us real!
    But please put your phone down!

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