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  1.' Wayne Stevens says:

    Hi, I am a teacher at Papamoa College and I would love to get involved with Agile – I see this as an extremely exciting opportunity to look at a different style of leadership and I would be very keen to have an input.

  2. Fionna Wright says:

    Kia ora Wayne,

    It’s great to see your response to this post and that you are keen to get involved with Agile. With this approach (mindset), there are definitely ways of thinking, approaches to working with others and tools to support a range of people in the sector, including leaders. We are keen to follow up on your and other people’s thoughts on this. What do you and others know about Agile? What would you like to know? In regard to leadership and ways of working together to address change/deliver better outputs – what are some of the specific challenges? This will help us to consider next steps.

    Feel free to comment here or contact us directly (As above).


    1. Fionna Wright says:

      Here is a good article for managers who perhaps want to address their leadership style: Why Do Managers Hate Agile?

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