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  1.' dyane stokes says:

    Thank you for this post. As a leader in my school I want to be able to better understand these shifts myself to support those that I lead. I am very interested to better understand agency and how we can build this within our staff.I look forward to your next post.

  2.' Gary Pascoe says:

    Great. I am really looking forward to your next posts so that we can go deeper into each area.

  3. Dear Nikki
    Thanks for summing up so expertly the shifts in education seeing education as a learning path for all.
    Education desperately needs change/shift/movement /flow so that life smiles to all and is a constant inspiration for learning through experimentation.
    As an art studio teacher and pedagogy lover of new solutions and pathways I find that children have all human knowledge inside. ancestral dna. In school this treasure is put to sleep . Education needs to leave this ancestral knowledge alive and thriving. As teachers we need to find ways for giving value to this and build on it.
    Holly Warren ( kiwi at heart Adopted by Italy )

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