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  1. “Well, every child has their moon — we just must find a way to help them get there.” Which is where the creativity of teaching/facilitating comes into play…
    Good food for thought James – cheers.

  2.' Rachel Westaway says:

    Great article James, I believe that all children are creative and the issue lies in the way in which society traditionally defines or identifies creativity. Having worked in many fields often thought of as logic based rather than creativity based, I can attest to the high levels of unrecognised forms of creativity just waiting to be discovered. Broadening our definition of what creativity looks like will allow all children to see it in themselves and their natural ways of being.

    1.' Faimon Khan says:

      I really enjoyed this article about creativity. It is so important to be creative and expressive. Being creative is an art and a wonderful way of doing things. Every child is a creative child you just have to step back and watch their creation , Important thing is let them be in charge and if you will do for them they lose creativity.

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