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  1.' Rachel Wastney says:

    Kia ora
    The importance of the correct pronunciation of place names can’t be forgotten. It is difficult to show students the way when all around them the media is not getting it right. At the top of the south there are several places where the Maori place names are butchered on the radio, by the DJ’s and on ads. The most brutal is the addition of ‘chew’ in Motueka (my grandfather always said there is no chew in there and if you can’t say it correctly at least say Mot-a-wake-a, or just Mot), although there are several ‘tree’s’ around the place as well, for example: Awa-tree (Awatere) and Moo-tree (Moutere).
    Nāku noa

    1. Anaru White says:

      Kia ora Rachel
      Thanks for your comment and I agree with you about the frustrations when still presenters mispronounce names. Knowledge is key and correct pronunciation is a part of this.

      Ngā mihi

  2.' Alex Hotere-Barnes says:

    Te wainēnē hoki!

    1. Anaru White says:

      Kia ora e te tuakana

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