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  1. Thank you for your provocations, Derek.

    Over the holidays I had a big clean out of my teaching resources- all of my fabulous lesson units that I had worked so hard to gather resources for and make splendid with laminated back-ups.

    I browsed through my unit on Antarctica that even ERO thought was pretty flash. I looked at in with different eyes. Both myself, the way I would teach it, and Antarctica itself has changed.

    I fear that many of us a clinging to the laminated resources and try to get one more year out of them!

    Even worse the Commonwealth Games or Olympic Games units!! My recycling bin was overflowing.

    I even sent the bookcase to the recycler- things are a-changing!!

    1.' Derek says:

      HI Allanah. I did the same thing a couple of years ago, and realised just how much my thinking about curriculum has shifted. In saying that, I did find some resources created to inspire independent study that I decided to hang on to and share with sin be teachers I’m working my with.

      1. Yeap- I did keep a few of my absolute favourites- books I had written that are now out of print, books that I love reading aloud to kids, AR picture books that go with some iPad apps and some reading/writing resources that are still very useful.

        The back bedroom now looks a lot tidier!!!

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