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  1. For me the blurring between the ‘real’ and the ‘virtual’ is more like a faint smudge.

    I use each of the social media tools in different ways.

    For me Twitter is mostly for professional uses and learning but from time to time I let loose with a personal tweet. I tend to block people who protect their tweets as, in my mind, Twitter is a two way process- not a secret one.

    Facebook is strictly for friends I trust and I hope my profile is locked down.

    Linked In is for sharing your work profile so you can make connections with others for work opportunities.

    Google + is for sharing quick links with a bit of explanation.

    I think the most powerful social media tool is blogging because of its ability to curate deeper conversations- not that I have blogged for a while.

    Well done on your Twitter milestone.

    1. Nina Boyes says:

      Thanks for sharing how you use social media @allanahk

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