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  1.' Pamela Stack says:

    Anahera thankyou and kia ora
    A just right message to read with holiday space to let it in and, ironically, nobody around to distract me from what you’re saying. Im a raving introvert in teaching wch is almost a contradiction in terms. I do the ‘in role’ thing really well all day long in order to do-what-I-do-do-well. At the end of a day I’m exhausted, at the weekends I just want to be alone, by the holidays I’m a purple
    people hater. Then I beat myself up about not managing to do those very simple things you mention. Thanks again Anahera – your message is a timely reminder – I’ve had three days of quiet me so batteries are recharged enough to peek out with one of my smiles. Nga mihi, Pamela Stack

  2.' Deanne Thomas says:

    E hoa, tika rawa atu tō whakamaumaharatanga o tēnei āhuatanga. He nui te wā ka rangona ngā kupu “he aha te mea nui, he tangata he tangata he tangata;” kātahi ka patua tētahi e ngā kupu ngau tuarā. Me ōrite te kupu me tana whakatinanatanga.

    A timely reminder Anahera, that it doesn’t take much to make someone else’s day better – nor does it take much to make their day worse. He mana tō te kupu – once said it can’t be taken back.

    On a lighter note – when you next need picking up from the shop, call me!

  3.' Elizabeth Craker says:

    A really thought-provoking post Anahera and a good reminder as we head off to uLearn where it’s always a pretty frantic/amazingly busy time and so important to be thinking of others when everyone is there to have the very best experience they can.
    Aroha nui kia koe,

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