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  1.' Catherine Johnson says:

    Wonderfully written blog. Thank you Wendy!

  2.' Barbara Clark says:

    Wendy you so clearly write what being a Technology teacher is all about. It is a real pleasure to see someone understand why it is so important to have this framework work in conjunction with the particular context involved. I have taught for 15 years following the generic technology principles, entwining them with digital outcomes. I came into teaching, like you around 2000, having been in business and seeing how relevant this is to the real world. I have thoroughly enjoyed challenging my students to think beyond themselves and interact with their communities and have been really amazed and gratified to see how much they grow in their understanding.

    I have left teaching for the time being; a strategic move as the pressure is very high on digital teachers to teach Computer Science and while I have made ground I am disappointed with the support for generic technology that is seeping into our area. This is because so many digital teachers have been struggling just to upskill in CS/Programming, that any further learning to include generic standards is a weight they find difficult to bear. The IT industry only looks to increase their numbers, little recognising the value of learning “soft skills” that generic technology underpins. I hope I find a place for my experience in Technology Education, but if I don’t then at least I’ll be putting it into practice in the wider world. Good luck to you.

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