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  1.' Tracey Scott says:

    Fantastic post thanks Sarah! As a Mum of a 5 yr old who has just completed her first 3 weeks at school, I’m so heartened to read this and ‘tick off’ all of these things that her 2 New Entrant teachers are doing so well. We’ve already had a ‘parent-teacher’ meeting that answered all of our questions and more.
    Key to her successful transition though I think, was the degree to which both her kindy and daycare prepared her so very well for this transition – in terms of numerous school visits, many conversations about what was coming up, stories in her profile books, dialogue with home etc etc.
    The result – such excitement every morning from our child as she heads off to school, disappointment when the weekends rolled round and she realised she couldn’t go to school, new friendships and the learning – oh the learning! Books get ‘read’ to the whole family up to 5 times every night haha.
    Happy parents, happy girl

    1. Sarah Whiting says:

      Kia ora Tracey,

      Thank you for sharing such a fabulous successful transition story. :0) I agree that the partnership between the the school and ECE provider are key and it is awesome that both parties to took steps towards ensuring your wee 5 year old was ready and excited to be at school! I would love to hear more success stories like this.

      Sarah :0)

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