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  1. You told me about this when we were at DEANZ and I sort of listened, you know how it goes. Reading this interview and watching the video has brought it home for me just how powerful Lynda Barry’s methodology is. The challenge for me now is how to unpack this and apply it to my own work. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Chrissie Butler says:

      Thank you my friend. There is something that deeply resonates for me in this approach to teaching and to learning. Makes me excited about the possibilities. One small exploration of my own has been learning how to facilitate a space for educators around Drawing Thinking. Tried it again yesterday with a small group. It’s a workshop that I had piloted prior to discovering Lynda Barry’s work. Lots of synergies, especially around the “art of noticing” and about a way of being in the world. Am glad it rang bells for you too.

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