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  1.' Janine Brown says:


    Used this method for my term one reflection!! Highly recommend it.

  2. Anne Kenneally says:

    Hi James,

    Great post.  What a great idea, one I am going to try right now.  Creating the word cloud, then creating the sentence and reflecting on the words that 'make it to the big time and those that don't' is a clever deeper reflection.

    I look forward to sharing with you how this works for me.

    The tag cloud I use regularly and love is  Not so relevant for this reflection, but I love the ability to shape the words in your own image or shape.


    Anne K

  3. James Hopkins says:

    Thank you Anne, I was aiming for simple, but malliable. Something that can just clarify thinking or be a cherry on top of the hard work already done. It's good fun to do with learners as they edit their own longer writing. It can also be used to analyse purpose in some texts or make a comparison between what is being written vs what is being felt. Would love to see your word cloud/reflection if you get a go at it. James

  4.' Alex HB says:

    Cool-another practical tool that's useful for analysis in research and evaluation too ? Thanks James and Anne!

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