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  1. Hi there

    I have just been looking at these trends and I wonder whether rather than being data-driven, the trend should be "needs driven". Data is essential because it helps us form a picture of the needs of students; and changes in technology are certainly allowing the analytics which enable better information about students. But I think the future trend is not being driven by data but being driven by the needs, interests and desires of children. So… learning starts with the needs of all children and then learning is designed to meet all their needs. Just a thought….

  2. Hi Lesley 

    thanks for your comment – great to have the discussion going. Your point is a really good stimulus for the discussion that we hope will be provoked here. I couldn't agree more re the needs of learners being the focal point of our efforts in schools – I guess my perspective is that having data to support our assessment of what those needs are is important here, thus the thinking about being data-driven. I think we're talking about the same thing – but agree that the semantics of putting the data first could be a distractor. 

    Cheers, Derek

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