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  1.' Melvin Apulu says:

    Malo lava sister for the amazing blog, I fully understand what it is you are expressing through your blog. I believe I may know the answers to the questions you have expressed, contact me. Ia Manuia le aso. Melvin Jnr

  2. Malo lava le soifua Melvin,

    The questions I have included at the end of the post are designed more for people to consider as provocation for more thinking.  It would be great if you could include your answers to the questions in this thread so that others can benefit from your knowledge and experience. 

    Toe feiloai atili i luga ole upega tafa'ilagi,


  3.' Mindy Faaeafaleupolu says:

    Hey sis, great stuff reading your blog, the concept of “o le ala I le pule o le tautua” can be applied anywhere especially in schools. Although the traditional Samoan context of the “tautua” is not as heavily emphasized these days because of the westernized rules and regulations on how to carry it out, we have all learned to adapt and adjust the phrase to our current situations. In schools, not all children are the same just as we see members in each families as well as our own. Not all are built or strive to be or want to become leaders. And it shows in their individual abilities to thrive in the school community. Serve to serve through learning how to deliver and perfect the art of serving as students. Teachers are the parental figures of the diagram. What is being taught is eminent in the outcome of the students’ effort in class or the whole year. Serving the knowledge so that our kids gain the leadership they are looking for or will attain. Management’s lead to serve is ensuring the bright future of these upcoming leaders by providing assistance for teachers and students or both to succeed. That’s my two cents.

    Manuia le aso.

  4.' Meripa Toso says:

    Faafetai tele lau afioga for all this outline information. I am using your work within content knowledge and referencing your work. Your model and explanation is really helpful to unpack what exactly the notion and practice of tautua is all about. Have you published any papers about this? If so, could you give me some links faamolemole?

    Keep that great work up!

    Ma lau faaaloalo lava Meripa

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