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  1.' Pauline Henderson says:


    Thanks Anne for reminding me what an amazing experience it is to attend TEDx! Like so many people there I cried, I was challenged, I could hear the silence as some speakers almost stopped us breathing, I felt humbled, I felt grateful, I was in awe of others’ courage, I cried a whole lot more, I laughed, I listened to music and then when I felt I had no emotion left there were more speakers to move me. For me: Rod Oram on the future of our planet, Dr Swee Tan and his research work, Analise Twemlow’s courage to share her disability, Eric Liu’s oratory and the real Song from the Inside! How lucky we are to have such an wonderful venue to soak up all that Inspiration. Looking forward to TEDxChCh16.


    1. Hi Pauline,

      Thanks so much for your comment.  Indeed, as I read your response I am transported back to the emotion of the day.  I can recall the silence of the 1300 attendees in the Theatre, I can recall hearing the sharp intake of breath, and the laughter.  The courage of the speakers stays clearly with me.  The courage of speakers empowers us to openly and honestly share our own personal stories with those we work with.  As each and every talk from TEDXChristchurch comes online we are able to relive the day.  For those who weren't able to attend, the ability to experience each and every story is another little bit of TEDX MAGIC.  Since attending TEDXChristchurch I have had the privilege of attending TEDXDunedin.  You may want to check out the two stories online from there so far also.

      Anxiety is an expert strategist | Damian Scarf | TEDxDunedin


      My whakapapa saved my life | Karyn Paringatai | TEDxDunedin

      How lucky we are indeed, to enjoy these ideas worth sharing. 

      Do you have a favourite TEDXtalk of all time?

      Anne K

      PS and don't forget TEDXQueenstown on April 17 2016

  2.' Sarah Whiting says:

    Such an amazing buzz as I walked around the corner from New Regent street, waiting with excitement for the event to happen. Great kick off with Te Pao a Tahu (and of course our gorgeous Gemma)- loved the idea of looking back before building a way forward and the idea around using this opportunity (earthquake) to create a cultural soul to Chch.

    My highlights were:

    Michele A’Court: “I have the right to be thyself”, letting your voices flow (life is offensive and refuses to apologise)- really made me think about the times when I have bitten my tongue and suffered as a result.

    Rod Oram: We have to learn to die to live. Reminded me of the video about taking terminal days.  Also looking at the world upside down- thinking outside the box, taking things from another perspective

    Robyn and Analise Twemlow- Again because it was about changing your angle/ thinking again and looking at things in a different way. The courage of Analise to be open and confronting with what she said was an eye open for us all. Blew me away with pride (even though I don’t know them personally I made a connection).

    Jason: Just cause he is a gorgeous man with an incredible voice! :)

    Slavko Martinov: delving into the corners of NZ that were once unknown. Bringing light on situations.


    My challenges:

    Firstly I drive a vw (eekkk, I am now responsible for killing the world)- trying to balance personal safety with global survival.

    Exploring how we live with nature

    Identifying what is in my head and heart in my decision making- being more responsive to my senses.


    Call for action:

    Think again/ look at things in a different way

    Change Societal Ecosystem- is it right that the majority of our funding comes from gambling??

    Collaborate- it makes big things happen

    Be thyself- use your voice!

    Take the past with us as we move forward

    1. Kia ora Sarah, 

      Thanks for your response.  Wasn't it just an incredible day! I just love your call to action statements.  A TEDX experience really does call us to action, and I find revisiting our experience very valuable.  Thank you for sharing your call to action!

      Are you keen to come to TEDXQueenstown next year on 17 April 2016?

      Anne K

  3. Gemma Stewart says:

    As this was my first TEDx experience I had no idea what to expect from the live show, however I was super excited to be a part of it having been a long time viewer or TED Talks.  The energy in the theatre was palpable and infectious and carried us through a day that challenged and humbled us in so many ways. 

    I started writing what the stand out talks were to me, but the list started to get too long and I realised that everyone who got on stage affected me, if by nothing else than their bravery to stand infront of over a 1000 people and share their passion. When the final speaker had spoken I was torn between wanting to celebrate what we had all just been a part of and wanting to crawl away to try and make sense of it all, a few months post event what I'm left with is the sense of strength, hope and possiblity for the future.

    I am definitely a live show fan and would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to attend.

    1. Hi Gemma,

      What an incredible experience it was indeed.  How exciting it was to have you and your kapahaka group on stage to start us off for TEDXChristchurch. What an incredible mihi to welcome us into the space. 

      Like you I am torn bewteen wanting to talk about the day and wanting to hide away to unpack it all.  I revisit my blog often to reflect on highlights of the day. 

      Live TEDX experiences are such a privilege to be a part of.  

      Thanks again for the welcome to TEDXChristchurch.

      Anne K

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