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  1. Anne Kenneally says:

    WOW, what a powerful read.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your conference and your presentation.  I also loved hearing about your experiences visiting centres.  What incredibly powerful messages – listening to hear and looking to see.  I love the rainbow story, and think how often we jump in and place our ideas onto something.  Thank you for the reminders.  The questions at the conclusion should be shouted from the rooftops for all educators to hear and reflect upon. 

    Do you know me?

    Can I trust you?

    Do you hear me?

    Will you let me fly?

    Is this a fair place for me?

    Have you ever considered the ways you could respond to these questions from a child’s perspective?

    I think we should have these questions at the forefront of our mind for most situations. For learners in schools and colleges; for our teachers; and for us in workplaces.

    Thanks for sharing.



    Anne Kenneally

    1. Malo lava Anne! Thank you for your feedback! I agree that we should have the five questions at the forefront of our mind as we work with children, teachers and others in different environment.

      Fa'afetai lava



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