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  1. Kia ora Anaru

    I have often seen words like manaakitangi written and wondered why it doesn't have tohutō over the double aa.

    Can you clarify this for me??



    1. Anaru says:

      Kia ora Allanah

      In the case of manaakitanga it is two words joined together; mana (prestige, status) and aki (to encourage). When you manaaki (care for) someone you are giving them status and are being hospitable.

      Hei konā

  2. Te Mihinga says:

    Kei te tungāne, te mutunga kē mai o te pai o āu nā whakamahukitanga mō te tohutō. Inā hoki te rawe o ngā kiriata poto nei hei āwhina i te tangata ki te patopato/tuhituhi i te tohutō. Kua ākona e au mē pēwhea te tuku tohutō ki ngā pukarangi ināianei :)

    Nāku iti nei

    1. Anaru White says:

      Kei te huia kaimanawamōu i ārahi i a mātou i roto i ngā mahi ako i te reo Māori, e mihi ana.


  3. Adele says:

    Kia ora Anaru,

    Thanks to you, I now have easy access to macrons on my Windows computer. No more adding symbols or copying and pasting words from the internet.

    Thanks for the practical advice.

    Hei konā rā.


    1. Anaru White says:

      Kia ora Adele

      You are welcome, I have come across a lot of people doing what you were and this was one of the reasons for doing this blog.


  4.' keela Atkinson says:

    Kia ora Anaru, tēnā koe e hoa mō tou awhi, i have just recently changed over to using a tablet as my primary device, and it was frusturating me not having the macrons. How do you get macrons on your iphone ?  Ngā Mihi

    1. Anaru White says:

      Kia ora Keela

      To add macrons on your iPhone it is the same as adding them as shown on the iPad/Tablet video. Press the desired vowel and hold it down then slide to the macron option.

      Ngā mihi o te wā


  5.' Maxine says:

    Nga mihi Anaru,  I have a keyboard for my ipad.  How do you write macrons with the attached keyboard? 

  6. Kia ora Maxine,

    Every iPad external keyboard maybe a little different.

    I have a Logitech keyboard.

    To add tohutō you have to bring up the iPad keyboard, insert the macron, then go back to the external keyboard.

    To do that press the function key and (for me) the 3 key with a little picture of a keyboard.

    The iPad keyboard will come up- insert the letter with the macron and then go back to the external keyboard.

    I have uploaded a photo to show you how it looks on my keyboard.


    1. Anaru White says:

      Kia ora Allanah

      Thanks for that.


  7.' Rochelle says:

    Ngā mihi nui!! A really helpful video! 

  8.' Ali Law says:

    Thank you so much for this! It has been bugging me for ages how to get the macrons when I use my mac at school. You have solved the mystery!

    1. Anaru White says:

      KIa ora Ali

      Pleased to hear.


  9. ,Tena koe Anaru, how do i get the tohuto for windows 10 please.?

  10.' Kevin Garland says:

    Never mind bro i've found it and thank you so much because i've been looking for the tohuto for ages, nga mihi….

    1.' Amy says:

      How did you do it, e hoa? I’m still trying to figure it out…!

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