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  1.' Erika Schaab-Farrant says:

    Thanks James for your clarity of thought around resistance to change….possibly being more about resistance to judgements made….. it should ring true for many educators who become devalued through lack of their own self-directed learning and evolution. (they got comfortable and now don't know any other way to operate) All too often resistance to change is difficult for teachers who are not self assured enough to read 'change' as inclusive of their time proven judgements because the pace of a teaching day allows no time to 'chew the fat' and debate their point of view..simple TALKING and SHARING (which was implicit in education) has been edged out of a teaching day in favour of virtual conversations (which are essential but one dimensional without real opportunities to converse)..and so the teacher who brings valuable applied strategies from the past holds onto only that which they know and feel value from thereby self destructing and thus we as a profession loose a massive resource for all. Perhaps if we replace 'change' with 'evolve' and keep truely listening to each other(face to face) as part of every day we may have a chance to make 'change' a continuous pursuit instead of a threat because of a definition that suggests..latest trend. 'Change' in NZ education generally means…"what you've learnt from from experience is now invalid" …for many teachers….that's a scary place because comfort is not possible and a person's life work is seemingly deemed useless!…'Evolve' on the contrary suggests 'adventure'…… resistance is redundant if our judgements are validated rather than disregarded ….great reading on your blog..thanks

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