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  1. Adele says:

    Thanks Fionna for sharing such a powerful blog. I've been thinking a lot about inclusion lately too as I return to the classroom. I think the inclusion principle is the most important NZC principle of them all and if we can get that right, then we liberate all learners to flourish. I really admire how you shared your personal journey to communicate such important messages. Thanks for the inspiration and the challenge to do better.

    1. Fionna Wright says:

      Kia ora Adele,

      I also think that inclusion is the most important principle. It doesn't matter how many bells and whistles we use to engage our learners, or how much time we spent on incredible planning and thorough assessment, if we don't truly know our learners, recognise possible barriers to their learning and make them feel safe and included in the learning process, how will they learn? How will they flourish? Thanks so much for insightful your response. 

  2.' Stevie says:

    Hear, hear, Adele! Fionna what a compelling read your article is. Please don't for one second feel self-indulgent or that your piece was cathartic. You have shared with us something really valuable. And we (we the Learning Design Team, but I'm sure I speak for all of CORE) know how you have established yourself as an insightful designer, a terrific team-mate, and as one whose humble and quietly stated assertions frequently steer our projects in the right direction.

    1. Fionna Wright says:

      Kia ora Stephen,

      To be honest, sharing a personal story is just a tiny bit carthartic… But I'm glad it can be of value to other people. I really believe in the message and hope it gets people thinking. Thanks for your kind words. 

  3.' Alex says:

    Kia ora Fiona! Your blog is powerful because you clearly link the personal with the professional. 

    I like your way of making the invisible, visible. You do this by identifying the labor needed to survive in a predominantly one size fits all colonial/mechanistic/modern learning environment. Importantly you offer great resources to support us to become more inclusive-your experience, links to ideas/practices, critical questions. Quite simply… Big ups!

    1. Fionna Wright says:

      Kia ora Alex,

      Scary how impersonal the world seems to have become. It's good to see the change education is going through. I hope my children's experiences in school are more personalised as a result of educators valuing the concept and importance of inclusion. Big ups for your comment!

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