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  1.' Deanne Thomas says:

    The MM Publishing team have recently released He Kupu i Kore as both a hands on board game and as an app.  Much of what is discussed here is what we had to go through to get to the end product.  Once we saw "real kids" play for hours and talk their way through it, we knew we had a winner!    What this post does for us is reinforce our approach – some which became part of the "approach" as we muddled our way through.   At the end of the day the kids and their learning "switch ons" is what should drive our gaming initiatives.   He Kupu i Kore is a literacy game for reo Māori learners, whereby they build words, score points, clear levels and compete with each other, or play alone.  The MM schools have picked it up as a board game, and are now beginning to play online too.  

  2. That game and app sounds really interesting. In the past couple of years I have definitely come to understand and appreciate that game creation is a highly iterative process, always. 

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