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  1.' Phoebe Davis says:

    You have to learn to dance in the rain. You need to harden up!!! e tautoko ana au te korero nei….I soooo get this Stephen…Ive learnt this too in my project …It hasnt just happened in Gamiling…its not in the falling, but the getting back up that matters….

    Laughed @ houseguest not curious…too polite LOL

    Loved this korero and where you are on this journey…

    Kia kaha tonu koe….your an inspiration to myself in the mahi/work we are involved in.

    PS have signed up for the Stanford Study woohoo


    1.' Stephen Lowe says:

      Go you, Phoebe. I think you'll find that the courses out of Stanford are the business. May the Force be with you!

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