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  1. Diane Mills says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog Derek.  We have these sorts of conversations with schools at the start of the LwDT contract and of course re-visit them throughout in order to link their actions to their vision about learners at their school.  We have used the work of Simon Sinek and I have also found the Alberta Guide to BYOD where they talk about technology helping students learn by improving participation, personalization and increasing productivity.  They too talk about the importance of agency and student created knowledge..  And yes, I got that resource through a previous blog post of yours!  Thank you.  

    These ideas tend to be reasonably well received at primary schools, but not so readily at secondary schools.  Secondary schools are unwieldy beasts with high stakes assessment driving much of what they do, I know.  If I were to share the idea that transformation is a shift from 'school' focus to a 'learner' focus, I imagine that many of them would see themselves as totally student centred already, as they do their darndest to get all students through NCEA. That discussion would be an interesting one to have. 

  2. Wonderful stuff, Derek. The "Three Keys" fit totally with our philosophy and our slogan – "Maths Buddy Works" proves that your thinking is on the right track.

    "learning …can and does occur anywhere, at any time and at any pace"

     "learners are able to access what they are learning and doing at school from home or elsewhere"

    "the key of connectedness, recognizing that ‘no learner is an island’"

    I'll be accusing you of designing the Maths Buddy Programme next!

    Well done and keep up the good work.


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