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  1. Renee says:

    I love this post – really interesting topic and I love the way Stephen writes so frankly about the unknown, but highlights how important it is to have the discussion anyway: "Just how I don't pretend to know yet. I'm looking for that now. That's why I'm at the lighthouse with my dog." I'm so excited for June this year and the unveiling of ARG-EF, and in the meantime, I'll be "at the lighthouse with my dog" too.

  2.' Nina says:

    Wow Stephen!, your article left me very intrigued so I am going to go and do some exploring of this new AR world and will follow your journey towards ARG-EF with curiosity. Will look forward to future updates. 

    1.' Stephen Lowe says:

      Thanks Nina! Join the ranks of Ingress Agents who work for CORE! Hint: All so far play on the side of the Resistance. I’ve also done case studies on The Walk, and Superbetter. If you hear of any others that you think are interesting – do let me know!

  3. This is very cool Steven. I had viewed the video but not shifted my tail into the outdoors. Thanks for making it so enticing. I will dip or dive in today.

    One way to build an NZ & wider educ community might be to set up a VLN group and perhaps tweet with #IngressEdu.

    I'll do the latter, v soon.

    Thaks again Steve for the Friday #bonus :)


    1.' Stephen Lowe says:

      Ed, good point… that’s exactly what I should do. I’m on leave for a couple of weeks, and I’ll get onto it as soon as I am back. I’m sure there’s a lot of interested peeps out there, once we spread the word.

  4.' Ang says:

    Been trying to get some gaming going on at my school.  Hard to find the time to set it up, but I will get there!


    1.' Stephen Lowe says:

      Ang… go you! I think once you accept that for you gaming is work, or at least one aspect of work, then suddenly it becomes easier to justify the time spent. Perhaps just giving the right students permission to play will make it all happen, and you won’t have to do much more than steer, encourage and support. 

  5.' Michele Wellington says:

    This is such a cool idea. I am thinking of all the possibilities for integration of curriculum. Look forward to reading and seeing more. Would love for my students to be 'creating" their own ARGs.

    1.' Stephen Lowe says:

      Well then, Michele, you and I should stay in touch! A bit further down the track I will need early adopters and testers, perhaps we could get together then?

      1. Oohh…keep me on your address list for that too please. Inspiring article. So many ways of using this authentically in the curriculum bouncing around my head right now.

  6. This is great. i am going to make all my gaming boys in the library read it. We are trying to win support for gaming to be taken more seriousy and are in the process of trying to set up a club and committee. This really supports our cause.



  7. Thanks for this post.  It sounds really interesting.  Very keen to give it a go, might also be a way to get my boy and his friends away from their computer screens and DOTA!  It would be interesting to see how widely the portals spread – a great link between the outdoors and technology.  We already "geocache" and this seems to add a whole extra dimension. 

  8.' Diana says:


    I was impressed by your post. I live in Moscow. I'm a researcher, IT for education. My son also played for Resistance team.

    It will be great if you manage to build it into curriculum. Could you share your experience then?


  9. hi Stephen, I'm really keen to connect and talk about our mutual interests in games and education! Myself and Dan Milward from Gamelab are doing a CORE brekkie in Wgtn in May, like you really keen to build and extend our connections with others exploring this space. The research possibilities abound! We started an in-house Google+ community at NZCER which has a nice repository of articles now – I was thinking of just opening up to anyone who wants to be involved in sharing links and building ideas about games and education together… What do you think??

  10.' Matt Eagle says:

    Love your take on the 'business' of gamifying learning. If ARG gets us out of our classrooms, even if it's in the weekends to capture new portal resources for Ingress or some other ARG tool, then that is a wonderful step in gaining some balance back in the lives of students and teachers. The MindLab Diploma course opened my eyes to ARG and this post helps my Social Studies teacher brain to 'see' it a little better! Be cool if I coud build elements such as Zombie Run into an exploration of our city…

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