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  1.' Mamaitaloa Sagapolutele says:

    Thank you Anthony for a fantastic blog, to remind all of us who we are and that we have an opportunity to help make a difference for Pasifika Learners.  Yes you are right, we are moving towards the technological future and the world of IT.  However, schools need to look at where they are at with their Pasifika Learners achievement.  I like the analogy of the Samoan Fale to the learner's learning and foundation.  MLE is the rage now so why not begin with the Samoan Fale?  I would like to have you in my class of 31 Samoan students including 3 Tongans for half a day…

    Faafetai Tele

    Mamaitaloa Sagapolutele

    Rowley Avenue School

  2. Anthony Faitaua says:

    Talofa lava ia lou sūsūga Mamaitaloa,

    Faafetai mo i lou tapua'i Mamaitaloa. Faafetai mo i lou alofa ae maise lou alofaaga mo tamaiti i lou vasega. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your wisdom. It encourages me to share what our Pasifika communities are talking about in the modern times, and yet, as a community, we are still getting our heads around these changes. I thank you for your post, because not only are you a bilingual Samoan teacher who is starting on a MLE/MLP journey, but also a well respected member of the Pasifika community who has seen many changes through our Education system for a long time. Your passion for our Pasifika learners to achieve still runs strongly through our communities for one example the Power Up programme you currently led. 

    It would be my pleasure to come and meet with you and your Pasifika students. Thank your for the invite. Email me to set up a time.

    Faafetai lava mo i lou galulue ma le alofa mo tamaiti aoga,  ae maise le community o Pasifika!

  3. […] In my last blog post, I shared a multiple world view of what Modern Learning Environments (MLE) and Modern Learning Practice (MLP) may look like through a Pasifika lens using a Samoan fale as an analogy. In this post, I would like to unpack it further by sharing my thoughts of The Foundation Phase. For background reading, here is the link to my last post: “A Modern Pedagogy + Modern Pasifika Learners = 21st Century Pasifika learners raising a villa… […]

  4. However, schools need to look at where they are at with their Pasifika Learners achievement. I like the analogy of the Samoan Fale to the learner’s learning and foundation.

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