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  1.' Phebs says:

    Tau kē Andrew Awesome blog. This statement of yours resonated with me and made me really think back at my time teaching in a classroom 

    "I wonder also if the lack of authentic learning experiences during my time at school contributed to the apparent absence of my own culture"

    Great food for thought

    Ngā mihi kia koe


    1. Andrew says:

      Kia ora Phoebe!

  2. I am presently studying at the University of the West Indies Open Campus doing an Online Degree in Early Childhood Education and Family Studies and I am doing a course in Information Communication Technology in Education and I learnt about the operations of Convergence being discrete elements coming together to unite and produce a single system, like telecommunications and computer technology coming together to produce ICT.  These technologies include, but are not limited to, computers, the Internet, radio and television and telephone systems and this is an excellent way, when used in the classrooms, of getting the children/students to learn efficiently and accurately.  This ICT learning creates a Constructivist Learning Environment that shows the importance of theory in ICT mediated learning/teaching environments, it shows the principles of the constructivist theory, it shows activity based learning theory; reflection based learning theory and social learning theory.

    The use of the Internet, the World Wide Web in education in the classroom widens the child’s ability to realize that the world is larger than just the environment they exist in and the children learn more about the different cultures ethnicities, religions, countries and the different lifestyles that actually exist in the world. The teachers with this knowledge as well, can also learn web based learning tasks, justify the use of web based instruction, evaluate educational websites and the ICT experience becomes both a learning tool for the teacher and the children. This experience now of learning the Information and Communication Technology in Education is very enriching for me because it is literally getting me to ‘think out of the box’ from the usual train of thought of teaching children, into realizing that, with the use of ICT, the children will develop even better in the long run.

    1. Andrew says:

      Hi Summer – thanks for your comment. Sounds like some interesting study you are involved in! I like where you say: "…the ICT experience becomes both a learning tool for the teacher and the children." I agree totally. As teachers we also need to be prepared to learn alongside the students as we delve outside our comfort zone, and to even learn from them.

      1.' Summer Chunisingh says:

        Yes Andrew, I am learning now it is very important to learn alongside the students and to even go further and possibly learn from them

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