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  1. Hey Tim,

    Lovely to hear your tips for the incoming efellows. What an insightful reflection. I love the analogy you used with your passion for surfing. I have watched your contributions to our education community with much interest and huge pride. 

    You are a reflective practitioner and I look forward to your ongoing learning journing. 

    All the best


  2.' Vicki Hagenaar says:

    Well said, Tim! Yes they certainly need to take note of the tips you have given.

    I used OneNote, taking photos that were inserted into my notes. I chose not to record every presenter we had but know that we have the lovely Marnel who has transcribed them all to fall back on if I need future reference to what was actually said. 

    Be prepared to have your mind and ideologies blown wide open by each other and the people you gain access to. Their knowledge and the networking that happens creates a world of possibilities that you may not have imagined was out there!

    use social media if you don't already. #efellows14 were lucky to have Tim guide us through the creation of a Google+ community just for us, some were new (or in my case not a regular user) to Twitter. Each of these new environments expanded us even further. I used to think I had nothing new to offer here. But sharing your thoughts is important.

    i had good intentions of keeping a blog of my changes over the year. Starting a new job and having a child begin an unhappy year at University put paid to that. It is the one regret I now have. But look out blog as the growth is continuing in the form of Post Grad work.

    and that final statement is important. By the end of the year you will find yourself hungry to keep the diet of knowledge and ideas flowing! Do It.

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