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  1. Thanks for such a comprehensive article, Hazel. Can I also suggest the following NZ-based resources developed by NetSafe to support schools as they develop digital citizenship-infused learning in their schools:

    > The NetSafe Kit for Schools: This helps schools to address student cybersafety and support digital citizenship. 

    > The NetSafe Learn-Guide-Protect framework:  This supports schools in creating a culture of responsible, safe use of digital technologies.


    1.' Hazel Owen says:

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for the comment and the suggested resources :-) Appreciated.

      Do you happen to know of similar community and adult-focussed resources that are as comprehensive as the NetSafe guides for students and schools? It feels as though there are quite a few great resources developed specifically for schools, but fewer for adults, who have children, but who may not be involved in formal education. 

  2. Hazel – good to read your article, thanks.  Our company works with schools as they deploy and use cloud services and, as an area of real interest for schools is obviously how to better engage with parents through online services, information, etc , we encourage schools to think about digital citizenship for their parents (as well as students and staff).  It would be great to see some good material available to schools for this so I'll send you (directly) a couple of contacts that may be useful.

    1.' Hazel Owen says:

      Thanks, Rohan, for the comment, and for getting in touch. From your recommendations, I have collated the following list of resources that may be useful for adults. Some focus specifically on online safety, but others have a wider view of digital citizenship:

      – Andrew Cowie's Digital citizenship resource features regular posts on a range of subjects, which include those suitable for more learners who are more mature in years

      – A resource from Enabling e-learning created specifically for parents: Digital Citizenship at home

      – The Digital Clans Quiz is mainly a measure of your awareness of online safety and security, but well worth working through (takes about 2 mins).

      – From New Zealand Teachers' Council, Before you share is a range of great resources (including thought-provoking videos), that provide guidelines around the use of social media.

      – Put together by NetsafeStaying safe online (a .pdf file), contains a raft of great advice.

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