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  1. […] UDL at the dentist by Chrissie Butler from The CORE Education Blog. This is a great blog post about Universal Design for Learning from an unexpected experience at the dentist. If you want to see a practical example of UDL check it out. […]

  2.' Hazel Owen says:

    What an awesome experience (not the having the broken bit of drill removed, but the meeting a professional who cared that you understood and were engaged!). As a fellow dentist-phobe my heart went out to you…I'm sure I could feel the dreaded injection and hear the high pitch whine of a drill bit…can you sense the fear ;-)

    OK – stepping away from the not so positive – thanks for sharing a great illustrative experience from an unexpected source. Not only did it, for me, illustrate UDL principles, it illustrated the effects of UDL. The fact that you felt empowered by the fact he wasn't talking over your head, experiencing more positive emotions, which meant you were in a better space to engage and learn, and that, by the time you finished, you were in a space to share a positive experience. I call that a great outcome!!

    Thanks for sharing. You rock!! :-)

  3. Cheers Hazel. It was quite an extraordinary experience. Since the blog post I have had 2x hour and a half sessions of the treatment. On both occasions, I walked into the surgery calmly, I didn't cry as soon as I put my head back and I could just talk myself down when the butterflies flapped now and then.

    Fear is a massive inhibtor of learning. It stops you thinking. I can remember it from being a kid in the classroom. The torture of a teacher asking me randomly to answer something in front of the class or even worse "speeches" in front of peers. Generally I froze. And the thing is, the experience of freezing created a built-in expectation of dreading being in certain classes, which resulted in me opting out of subjects I may have grown to love.

  4. […] where the list of tips together articulate a vision for strong teaching to all students. This blogpost of UDL at the dentist is a good application. It’s about fixing our teaching, not fixing the kids. We are the […]

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